If you want to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, your home will need an HVAC unit installed. Unfortunately, HVAC systems are not perfect and will need occasional repairs and maintenance services. This article covers basic HVAC units and some things HVAC services can help you with. 


During the cold months, your home uses an HVAC unit to heat the house. Two common methods of heating are furnaces and heat pumps. 


Furnaces are powered by electricity, oil, or natural gas. They usually operate by forcing air through a series of ducts. These units have a lot of moving parts that can break or get dirty. An HVAC technician knows the ins and outs of furnaces and can expertly make repairs and perform maintenance. 

In oil and gas-fueled units, a heat exchanger warms the air that is forced through the ducts. With the consistent amount of outside air going through the ducts, fans, and heat exchangers, the parts can get dirty quickly. A technician can clean and replace any parts necessary. 

Hiring an HVAC professional to perform an inspection on your unit is the best way to get quick and dependable services. 

Heat Pump

Installing a heat pump in your home allows you to have one machine for both heating and cooling needs. Heat pumps work by moving warm air inside to heat the home or moving warm air outside to cool the home. They can be powered via geothermal energy or air-sourced energy. 

A heat pump uses either a base unit, similar to central AC units, or a ground unit, which involves installing loop-like trenches. This heating method is usually more complicated than other types of systems, therefore, you may need a technician with specialized knowledge of heat pumps. 


A ventilation system is comprised of fans, vents, and some ventilation equipment. The four types of ventilation are supply, exhaust, heat-recovery, and balanced. The best kind of system for your home will depend on the climate. In warmer areas with high moisture, a supply system works best. While in cooler climates, exhaust ventilation works best. 

Each type of machinery uses fans, vents, and ducts to move air through a house. It's easy for build-up to occur within the system. An HVAC service can clean the inside of the ducts and make any repairs to fans and vents if pieces get dented or broken. 

Air Conditioning

Homes are cooled with air conditioning systems. The six main types are window, central, ductless, portable, floor-mounted, and heat pumps. The right system for you depends on the size of your house, the climate in the area, and your heat tolerance. 

For homes with little space, window, portable, and floor-mounted units are the best way to cool down a specific area quickly. Central AC and heat pumps are perfect for larger homes as they cool large spaces efficiently. 

No matter what type of system you have, they can break down. And an HVAC professional has the skills to help make repairs, replace broken parts, and perform general maintenance tasks, thereby preventing future issues.

If your HVAC unit has been making weird sounds, not working as efficiently, or has stopped working altogether, reach out right away to an HVAC service; they will diagnose any issues and get your system back into tip-top shape.

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