If your air vents have accumulated a lot of dirt and dust or emit an unusual smell, you should immediately seek an air conditioner vent cleaning service. This service will restore the efficiency of your heating and cooling unit, prevent allergies and respiratory issues, and improve air quality, among other benefits.

So, how do you find a company that offers the best air conditioner duct cleaning service? Vetting your potential service providers will increase the chances of getting the best results. Here are key questions you can ask.

What Does the Service Include?

Before hiring vent cleaning experts, you should know what you're paying for. Generally, vent cleaning services comprise various tasks. A good company will start by protecting surfaces, furniture, and other similar items from dust and dirt. Then, they will inspect the entire air distribution system before cleaning it. The inspection entails using a special camera to determine the condition of the ducts and look out for contaminants like asbestos.

The next service is to clean all the vent surfaces. The professionals also need to clean the HVAC components, including air handler, drain pans, motor, coils, and fans. If the insulation is damaged, repairs will be done to seal leaks. Some service providers even use UV lights or compressed air to kill mold and bacteria. So, ask your provider what their service includes before hiring them.

What Kind of Products Do You Use?

The primary reason for hiring professionals to clean the ductwork is to protect the family from pollutants. So, you want to ensure the vent cleaning specialists you hire don't use chemicals that could harm your loved ones. An ideal company will share details of all the products they use, including chemical biocides to prevent the growth of certain bacteria and mold in the future.

Once you know the products a company uses, research the pros and cons of each product before giving consent. Note that the use of chemical biocides to clean internally insulated ductwork is yet to be approved.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Task?

Knowing the duration the experts will require to clean the vents will assist you to prepare adequately. For instance, you'll plan where your kids and pets will be during the cleaning procedure and adjust the schedule accordingly. Remember that the duration is determined by the scope of work, techniques used, size of the vent system, and the number of specialists working on the project.

Reach out to an air conditioning service company for more information.