Since your household is heavily reliant on your furnace for comfortable indoor spaces during winter, it's crucial that you take proper care of it. This way, it doesn't break down in the dead of winter, leaving your family to endure unbearably freezing indoor temperatures. A surefire way to keep your furnace in top condition is to ensure all its primary components are in good shape.

This way, they can work harmoniously to keep your home warm and cozy. One furnace component that should be routinely inspected is the heat exchanger because it plays the most crucial role in keeping your home warm. Without it, your furnace won't be able to generate sufficient heat to keep your house comfortable. So, if you suspect that it might be going bad, don't hesitate to contact furnace repair services. Continue reading to discover telltale signs that indicate your heat exchanger is cracked.

Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off

When the heat exchanger cracks, the fuel used to generate heat in your furnace doesn't burn completely. As a result, the heating unit will generate carbon monoxide, a product of insufficient combustion, which also happens to be poisonous. Your carbon monoxide detector will then go off to alert you about this odorless, colorless yet dangerous gas.

To this, you should respond by immediately contacting your furnace repair technician. And knowing that this is an emergency, the professional will quickly respond to your call and address the problem. The technician will likely recommend a heat exchanger replacement because if your unit generates enough carbon monoxide to make your detector go off, the crack must be really bad.

You Experiencing Flu-Like Symptoms

If you don't have a carbon monoxide detector or have one but it's not functional, your equipment generating carbon monoxide will go unnoticed. However, if this goes on over an extended period, you and your family might start experiencing inexplicable migraines and flu-like symptoms.

Rather than dismissing this as simply being under the weather, consider reaching out to your furnace technician and letting them inspect the heat exchanger for any cracks. Addressing the issue on time saves your family members from experiencing more severe symptoms like breathlessness and unconsciousness.

Your Heating Unit Doesn't Generate Any Heat

Another telltale sign indicating your heat exchanger is cracked is freezing indoor spaces. If your furnace isn't generating any heat, this is a clear indication that the heat exchanger has such a huge crack that it cannot fulfill its purpose. You will need to replace the component, but commission a furnace inspection to be sure it's actually the heat exchanger that has malfunctioned. Furnace repair services will inspect the entire unit to determine if there are other explanations for your heating unit shutting down.

Now that you know the crucial role the heat exchanger plays, don't hesitate to contact furnace repair services when you notice the telltale signs discussed above.