If you are thinking about getting a tune-up for your air conditioning unit, you might have questions about the cost of the project as well as what you can expect to happen. You might wonder if an AC tune-up is even worth the cost.

These are some of the things an AC maintenance professional may offer as part of your tune-up. With this information, you can determine if the tune-up is worth the cost.

Fluid Level Check

One of the first steps involved in a tune-up is assessing the levels of fluids in your AC unit. For instance, the AC professional will check your refrigerant levels to look for potential leaks as well. The goal is to ensure that low fluids or leaks are not preventing your AC from working properly.

Electrical Component Check

Next, your professional will check all electrical components. This ensures that your unit is not only working correctly but also not going to start a fire or break down completely. In the heat of the summer, you do not want electrical components to be the reason why you are not able to run your AC and cool down the house.

Physical Component Check

Parts can be changed out as needed, and changing parts out now can avoid the hassle of a total breakdown. AC repair professionals check your components to make sure that they work and that everything is securely attached.

Check the Condenser Coil

A condenser coil needs to be cleaned and checked regularly to ensure that nothing is wrong. If your AC unit has not been working as well as it used to, the condenser coil could be the reason why. Replacing it or cleaning it may change it. Your AC pro will likely add a check of the evaporator coil as well.

Check the Air Filter

Your air filter needs to be replaced once every month to three months in most cases. It is important that you replace the filter or have a professional replace it regularly. Changing the filter will ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible.

Get an AC Maintenance Quote Today

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