When you're building your new home, you have the option of either putting in a gas or an electric furnace. Your furnace installation will be done professionally by a licensed HVAC contractor—usually at the same time they install your air conditioning unit.

Which is best for your needs: a gas or electric furnace? Your HVAC specialist will show you the benefits of each. One major difference between the two units is cost: an electric furnace costs around $395 or more, while a gas furnace costs around $1,360 or more. However, each unit has its benefits to go along with their initial costs in many ways.

Benefits of gas

The benefits of a gas furnace are many. Here are just a few of them.

1. Better use of energy: If saving money on energy use in the home is what you're after, then a gas furnace installation is best for you. What you initially spend on the unit you get back in major energy savings.

2. More reliable unit: A gas furnace can still be used if the power goes out. If you live in a rural area where frequent power outages happen, then a gas furnace installation is best for needs because it doesn't need electricity to operate.

3. Affordable heating options: Gas furnaces operate via natural gas, so if you fill your natural gas tank when fuel prices are low, you can make heating your home more affordable.

Benefits of electric

An electric furnace has its benefits that are worth considering, including the following.

1. Cheaper to install: An electric furnace installation can be cheaper than a gas one because electric furnaces are typically cheaper. Plus, you don't have to pay extra to install the gas line.

2. Easier to use: An electric furnace may be easier to use than a gas one because you don't have to worry about buying fuel and keeping track of how much fuel is in its tank. An electric furnace uses the same electricity as the rest of your home.

3. Energy-efficient options: Electric furnaces can be energy-efficient like their gas counterparts so long as you buy the right furnace for your home. Keep in mind that electric furnaces that save you money in the long run usually cost more initially.

Whether you choose a gas or electric furnace for your new home is up to you. To ensure a safe and reliable furnace installation, consider getting it done professionally.