When you turn on your air conditioning in your home, you probably expect your air conditioning to cool off your house. If your house doesn't get cool, then there is likely something wrong with your air conditioning unit. Discover three reasons why your air conditioning might malfunction.

Leaking Refrigerant

If your unit doesn't cool things off, one reason could be that your unit has leaking refrigerant. Your unit is manufactured with a set amount of refrigerant inside of it. It isn't something that your air conditioning unit consumes; the amount inside should never dissipate or disperse. If your unit doesn't have enough refringent, it means you have a leak that needs repair right away. Refrigerant is not something that you should touch or handle yourself.

Clogged Air Filter

Another reason your air conditioner doesn't make the air cold enough could be because your air filter has clogged up. Your air filter commonly clogs up after a few months of usage. As the air filter clogs, the airflow will become constricted. This can cause your unit to run longer to reach the right temperature, damage your air conditioner, and result in unpleasant temperatures in your home.

A clogged air filter is simple to fix. All you have to do is swap out your current air filter for a new one. To swap out the air filter, you generally have to pull it out and place the new filter using the correct orientation. You can have a professional show you how to do this the first time, and after that, this is a task you can take care of yourself every few months.

Restricted Airflow

You may notice that not only does your house not feel cool enough, but it also just doesn't seem like enough air comes out of your vents.

A clogged air filter can be the cause of restricted airflow, as not enough air is pulled into the system in the first place.

However, another reason is that your ductwork is not in good shape. Even tiny holes in your ducts can compromise the airflow from your system. Tears can further degrade the quality of airflow into your home. When your airflow is below what it should be, your home will not cool off as it should. To fix this, you will need to carefully inspect your ductwork. Depending on the ductwork's damage, it may simply need repairs, or if the damage is extensive, it may need replacement.

If your air conditioner system doesn't cool as it should, one of the issues above may be at play. Bring in a professional to figure out why your air conditioner doesn't work as it should.