You may have already done HVAC maintenance to prepare for the winter weather, but problems can arise as the weather gets colder. The furnace and heating issues you may have to deal with include ductwork, furnace failures, and thermostats problems. The following heating system repairs are some of the issues that you may have to deal with as the weather gets colder outside.

Ductwork and vents that need repairs — The ductwork and vents can cause serious problems when you start using your heating more frequently. First, the ducts need to be inspected for damage, and the HVAC air filter needs to be changed. The air handler and ductwork systems also have dampers that adjust the way airflow is directed. Issues with ducts and vents that you need to watch for include:

  • Pinched and damaged duct lines
  • Dampers that need adjusting or repairs
  • Dirty HVAC air filters and issues with leaks

The ductwork problems can easily be fixed by a qualified HVAC repair technician to ensure your system is working properly as the weather gets colder.

Problems with furnace pilot lights and ignition systems — The furnace pilot light can also cause heating problems as the weather gets colder. First, modern furnaces often have electric ignitor systems. These electrical components can fail and lead to the pilot light not turning on when it is needed. In addition, dirty pilot lights and worn parts can also cause the furnace not to turn on as it should. If you have issues with your furnace pilot light, you will want to call a heating repair service for help fixing your furnace.

Issues with your heating thermostat causing furnace problems — Once you begin to use your furnace more frequently, there are problems that you can have with the thermostat. These issues often start with the thermostat not being properly calibrated before the winter months. Some thermostat issues that you should check for when your heating is not working properly include:

  • Calibrating the thermostat for better heating performance
  • Changing the thermostat batteries
  • Checking the thermostat wiring when heating fails

These are thermostat issues that you are going to want to check for when your heating is not working properly.

These are some of the heating issues that you may have to troubleshoot as the winter weather begins to get colder. Call a furnace repair service for help fixing these issues to ensure your heating is working when you need it.