You have no doubt gotten the warning to have your furnace inspected and repaired -- or a new one installed -- during summer instead of fall or winter. Normally this warning, which is legitimate, is due to fairly mundane factors, such as competition for appointment times as the weather gets colder. This year, however, you have a couple of new issues to contend with that are related to the pandemic, and you need to take those "get things done early" warnings much more seriously in 2020.

No One Expected What's Happened This Year

No one could have predicted everything that has happened in 2020. A common joke going around the internet this year is that "If you had described these events in a science fiction/fantasy story, it would have been rejected for being too bizarre for anyone to believe." This is the first issue you face: You have absolutely no idea what will happen in the next few months. Will there be more lockdown orders? Will any supply chains be interrupted by new waves of the virus? No one knows. So if you need a new furnace installed, get it done now.

People Staying Home More May Take up Appointment Times

Part of not knowing what's coming up means that more workplaces will likely remain closed, with employees working from home. That means more people will discover that their furnaces need work or replacement, creating more competition for those appointment times. The only bright spot for you there is that they might not realize it until later in the year, giving you a chance now to have your new furnace installed without much of a wait.

The Potential for Reduced Staff Is Real

Lockdowns or not, the risk of some of the furnace company's staff becoming ill is real, and in the fall, you'll have both COVID-19 and the flu to contend with. This would reduce the number of available appointment times just because there wouldn't be enough people to keep up with a regular schedule. There's also the risk of you getting sick, too, which would complicate your efforts to have a new furnace installed as many companies do not want to go near people who might have COVID-19.

You can avoid all of these issues if you call now. Call furnace and HVAC companies to discuss furnace installation and get bids. If you have the work done now, you won't have to worry about it later on when you could encounter these potential obstacles.

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