At the start of the summer season, you turn on your air conditioning with the expectation that it will last all season long. If you have not been taking the steps to properly maintain your unit — this could be wishful thinking. Learn about some of the must-do steps you need to remember if you want your air conditioning to keep you cool all summer long.

Address Unusual Sounds

Most residential air conditioning systems do not operate silently. Yet, it does not mean that the units are loud either. If you begin to hear a noise come from the air conditioning that you had not heard in the past, you need to have the problem addressed. 

Take a buzzing sound, for instance. A buzzing noise could mean that the fan motor in the outside unit is about to fail at any moment; the longer the noise continues, the closer to failure you are. If the fan motor stops working, the compressor will overheat. 

An overheating compressor means that the unit will constantly power off and it could even mean permanent damage to the unit. The best way to avoid this problem is to invest in annual inspections. During the inspection, the technician will be able to tell if the motor is at risk of failing long before you hear the noise.

Clean the Condenser Coils

It is very important that you have a technician come out and clean the condenser coils inside your unit at some point. All the air from outside travels over these coils. As a result, some of the dust or dirt particles attached to the air will settle on top of the coils. 

The coils are responsible for removing both heat and moisture from the air by absorbing these elements, which is critical to the cooling process. 

However, when the coils are covered in dirt, the level of absorption they are able to provide is limited, so their cooling power is also reduced. Although the unit will still function, the air your air conditioning produces will go from cool to slightly warm. You should have the coils inspected at least once a year to determine how often they need to be cleaned.

Fortunately, a service professional can handle all of these steps for you. So, if you have not kept maintenance a priority, it is not too late. Contact an air conditioning repair contractor to get your unit in good shape.