As HVAC systems age, they will eventually lose steam and quit working properly. As a homeowner, this is a very frustrating problem. It can be difficult thinking about the cost of upgrading your HVAC, but it may save you a lot of heartache in the long run. Consider the following if you think an HVAC upgrade may be necessary:

R-22 Usage

If your current HVAC uses R-22, you should consider replacing it as soon as you can afford to do so. R-22 is also known as Freon and has been identified as an environmental risk due to the chlorine it includes. R-22 is a problem for the ozone layer when it travels into the atmosphere. Units using R-22 are quickly being phased out throughout the industry.

Once this happens, any HVAC utilizing this substance will not only be difficult to repair, it will also be very expensive. If you upgrade, consider an environmentally friendly system that utilizes refrigerant that does not include chlorine.

Increased Electric Bill

If you have seen a spike in your electric bill within the last few months, your HVAC may be to blame. When an HVAC does not function efficiently, it pulls more power to work as hard as possible to cool and heat your house. As time goes on, different components of the unit will quit working when they become worn out from over usage. At the same time, your electric bill will continue to climb. If your system is costing your more in energy expenses, you may want to consider an upgrade.

Excessive Noise

If you hear noise coming from your HVAC unit, it could be due to any number of reasons. The issue could be as simple as something loose that needs to be tightened. While this is an easy fix, you should still have it repaired by an HVAC service as soon as possible as broken components inside could fly around inside the unit and damage fan blades or the motor. Rattling outside in the condenser unit could be debris stuck inside the grates that you simply have to remove.

If you hear any hissing, air is escaping the ductwork and not getting inside your home. This is a significant problem you should have looked at right away. If you hear any rattling inside your home, this could mean you have a major broken component that needs immediate repair. In some cases, the repair is almost as expensive as an entirely new unit. Consider the costs of installing a new system versus repairing an old one.