It is not necessarily fun spending a bunch money every month just trying to keep your home comfortable. Homeowners are always tinkering with their thermostat in order to reduce the overall electricity bill throughout the year. While you might have to sacrifice a little bit of comfort to save some money, you should also consider some of these quick and practical ways to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. If you feel like your heating system isn't as effective as it could and should be, you might need to service the duct system.

Insulating Some of Your Ducts

It is very common for air ducts to loose heat, even if there is nothing technically wrong with them. This is particularly true when it comes to the air ducts in your basement or attic. Often, these ducts are not inside the drywall, so they are more sensitive to heat loss. Since the basement and attic usually don't have temperature control, it can affect the air traveling through the ducts. On colder days, can lose heat as it flows through the metal ducting. This is why adding insulation to any exposed ducts throughout your home its going to be very worthwhile. There are insulation sleeves that can be easily fit it around ducts, but they need to be the right size (gauge). That is, if your ducts have variable widths, then you'll need to buy different sleeve sizes for the different sections.

One easy alternative is to buy fiberglass batting insulation which you can just wrap around the ducting and tape on yourself. This is very easy, affordable and effective. By wrapping your ducts in fiberglass, you're basically putting a sweater on them, so the air will not lose its heat as it travels through them.

Schedule Professional Servicing

Another great way to improve efficiency of your HVAC system is to schedule professional servicing at least once a year. If you live somewhere that you rely on both the heat during the winters and air conditioning during the summer, it is probably a smart idea to have your system serviced between the seasons. If you have your system professionally looked at twice a year, you can rest assured that everything will be up and running when you need it most.

All in all, an efficient HVAC system is going to rely on both professional and DIY servicing. Just do your part to repair whatever you can, and make sure you call in the HVAC repair professionals for the more serious jobs.