When it comes to HVAC maintenance, there are a lot of things that you can do yourself to maintain an efficient system. That is, most people leave their HVAC system alone, only to have it serviced by professionals every once in a while. Of course, professional HVAC maintenance is still very important, but this article explains why you also need to do a few simple things yourself if you want to maintain a more efficient system. This article explains exactly how and why you should replace your air registers:

Improving Airflow

As air registers age, they can't get clogged, with the space between the blades getting filled with dirt and dust. Additionally, if you have old, aluminum registers, they might be difficult to operate, especially if there is rust build up. So, replacing registers is a simple project that could increase airflow, and make your air registers more functional.

Also, when you remove your old registers from the wall, there's bound to be dust buildup in the duct and along the edge of the drywall. Cleaning all this out is going to be beneficial, especially if you notice any mold. In fact, use a flashlight to look deep inside your duct system to make sure they are clean. Some people even take this opportunity to have professional duct cleaners come to the house and clean the ducts before they install their new registers.

There are couple things to consider when shopping for air registers. First of all, you can make the job much easier on yourself if you buy registers that have a slightly larger overhang then your old ones. This will cover up any differences in paint color, and solve problems if there was caulk along the edge. You could also consider investing in vinyl registers. These are very convenient because you never have to worry about rusting, they have a fade-proof finish, they are durable, and they are easy to operate.

If you have old registers in your home that are difficult open and close, you probably don't waste your time adjusting them. This can have a big impact on the airflow throughout your house. But, with new registers that allow you to easily control the airflow, you can more efficiently distribute the air throughout your rooms. It might seem like a small, insignificant upgrade, but it could have a serious impact on the efficiency of your HVAC system. The bonus is that new registers on your wall will clean and new, improving the aesthetic.

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