It is extremely nice to come into an air conditioned house after a hot day in the sun. Air conditioning is a necessity for long hot summers, but this is precisely the time that air conditioners seem to go out. The added strain that happens to an air conditioning system in the summer is enough to make some of the very best units start to malfunction. If your air conditioning system is not in good condition the problems could compound. Here are a few different things that you should do before the summer to get your air conditioner ready for the long hot summer.

Clean Out The Air Ducts

Have you ever had an upper respiratory infection in the middle of the summer, or have you noticed that your energy bills are unusually high even for the summer months. Well, the problem could be in the air ducts that transport air through the entire house. Over a long period of time mold, dust, and other debris can get into the vents and actually block them up. The dust and the mold are what cause the upper respiratory infections, and they also cause the efficiency of your air conditioning system to go way down. Before each summer, you should have a professional come and clean out the air ducts.


The compressor also needs to be tuned up before those hot summer months. Check to make sure that the compressor is completely level so all the coolant can flow through the coils evenly. You also want to ensure that the compressor is completely clean on the inside. So, open the compressor and clean out any of the debris, then take a vacuum and clean all the dust out of it. Then bend all the fins straight so you get maximum airflow through the compressor. 


Before you start having the long hot days, it is a wise move to have a technician from a local HVAC company come and look at your air conditioning unit. You can do the simple things like change out a filter, but a technician will be able to look at all the components of the air conditioning unit, and catch anything that is wrong. If the technician is able to catch the small things, he or she may prevent the small things from turning into the major malfunctions that cost so much money. The small amount of money that you spend hiring a technician can definitely pay off.