When your children are on summer break, it is common for your household bills to get a little bit higher. Your children may need to participate in summer activities such as swimming lessons or going to camp, which will result in more expenses. Also, if your children intend on staying home, you may find that your food and electricity bills are raised during the summer months when they are home from school. If you want to keep your air conditioning costs stagnant during a summer break, there are some changes that you will need to make in your life. 

Make a "doors open" rule

One of the best ways to allow air to circulate is to keep all of the doors open for the interior rooms. Instead of allowing your children to hole up in their room with the door closed, encourage the children to get together in the family room and entertain one another. One of the ways that the house remains cool without increasing the air conditioning usage is by allowing for good air flow. If the doors are opened, the air will flow through the rooms and keep the house at a standard temperature. 

Institute a water rule

While your children are home, require that they drink at least one cold glass of water every single hour. This is important because it will keep your children hydrated throughout the day. If your kids intend on playing outside, it will be especially important to make sure that they continually drink water. Also, the one glass per hour water rule will make sure that your kids drink to cool themselves down rather than try to turn up the air conditioning. 

Make a no lights rule

One of the hidden ways that your electricity bill will rise during the summer months is the overuse of lights and air conditioning. One of the ways that your house will heat up during the hot months is due to electronics being run in your home. This also includes lamps and lights inside of a room. Make a rule that you children must crack the blinds or window shades, but not open them completely. Since the sun will be out for a longer amount of time, the sunlight will provide enough lighting so that there is no direct light. This will especially help to decrease the home's temperature if your children tend to play video games, watch television, or run many electronics while inside of the home. Make sure that no one turns on the lights inside of the home until the sun goes down for the day. 

For more information and help with maintaining your air conditioning so it stays efficient, contact a repair company, such as Universal Refrigeration.